Three ways to think positive about immigrants, according to Vincenzo Galasso.
  1. The flow of typically young refugees and migrants can offset Europe’s negative demographic trends.
  1. Migrants work in jobs spurned by local people.
  1. For welfare systems, the arrival of migrants and refugees who regularly participate in the labor market and contribute to the financing of welfare can be an important source of liquidity for recipient countries. Read Galasso's article: 

All that are just idealistic ways without any confirmation in real life (except if author considers economical migrations before many years the same think as todays refugees, and he does! – we have many examples of todays “pro-immigration” speakers that do exactly that – mixing and relativising all kinds od immigrations to make themselves “right” and to continue to play “humanism and democracy” on own peoples, states and nations pity, thus they don’t have “guts” to call thinks with its real name and to name real goals of that immigration, even that immigration speaks about it loud!).
  1. Offset of negative demography will be changed, but in ways and consequences local people doesn't want, because they will became a minority in their own countries (that cannot be denied, we have many examples in Europe today!). Thinking about that as result will be positive mixture is completely wrong. Text is tipical leftie blindness on vital things and ignoring changing of traditions, beliefs, religions and mentality of local communities. That is NOT a advantage, paople have rights not to change their lives as they live it now.
  1. Migrants (refugees and asylseekers) mostly doesn't work at all (asylseekers are agains human rights to work!), and surely have no intention to dig and to work hardest jobs local people spurned (they consider themselves as "victims" and not to be used as labourforce, but to be protected and enjoy in democratical values and money they got, they got everything - for what at their home they must hardworking – for free!). They're here to enjoy in democratic values of our societies without any wish to participate in making wellbeing of community (and many of them say is laud and clear!). Many examples from Gemany and some other countries, where immigrants mistreated locals and ultimatively said them that they must self-restrain them, pay for them and give them everything, because “that is the law in their country, don’t they know this fact??” (law in county in which immigrants came, they openly call them as criminals and learn them a lesson how they should behave and silently finance all their needs, with – of course! – imposing their own religious, mentality, national and all other distinctiveness over locals, openly wants to make from targeted countries same country from which they fled).
  1. Welfare system depends on above mentioned fictional work which surely will not exist in reality (and very little percentage of opposite examples we cannot take as general rule!), so also will be no regularly participation in the labor market and contribution to the financing of welfare. In reality, immigrants are just one enormous cost, and almost nothing from that money spent on them will be bring back to state or local budget. And that is a FACT, like that these italian author or not.