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07 februari 2011

STAGEPLEK: VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR African Refugee Development Center (ARDC)

Closing date: 28 Feb 2011
Location: Israel - Tel Aviv-Yafo

The African Refugee Development Center (ARDC) is a non-profit organization founded in 2004 by refugees and Israeli citizens to assist support and empower refugees and asylum seekers in Israel. The ARDC seeks to ensure access to basic social services, and to facilitate refugee and asylum seeker integration, self-sufficiency and ownership in matters affecting their lives. The ARDC advocates for the rights of refugees and asylum seekers and for a humane and fair Israeli asylum policy. It divides its work between individual counselling, humanitarian aid, education, community development, awareness raising and policy initiatives.

The overall role of the Volunteer Coordinator is to support the volunteers before and during and sometimes after their stay in Israel. This includes aspects of the volunteer experience relating to their volunteer placement including interviewing and placement, distributing useful information.

Internship Objectives:
-To support volunteers pre-arrival, in Israel and post-departure, including actively recruiting volunteers, developing systems and encouraging related activities post-departure;
-To familiarise intern with NGO management, specifically surrounding human resources;
-To use and develop organizational skills and
-To use and develop skills required to serve in a multi-cultural, multi-lingual workplace.

-Enthusiasm & motivation
-Ability to communicate effectively and interact positively with and coordinate volunteers from diverse cultures and backgrounds
-English & Hebrew fluency required, skills in Arabic, French and Spanish all advantageous.
-Proven strong organizational and managerial skills
-Ability to lead and delegate effectively
-Ability to work independently and as part of the ARDC team
-Excellent Microsoft Word and Excel skills

Major Tasks:
-Meet individually with every volunteer to understand their motivations, skills, experiences and interests within the organisation then match the individual to a project.
-Have regular follow up sessions with volunteers, identify issues and address them as necessary to the Project Coordinator.
-Be aware of changes in the volunteer needs of the different projects and tailor volunteers accordingly.
-Update information guide including information on language training, housing, security, insurance and health care.
-Arrange informative and interesting monthly orientation sessions for all new volunteers.
-Actively recruit volunteers, particularly Israelis and those with specific skills, be in contact with organisations, institutes and movements to identify potential individuals.
-Organise monthly professional development sessions and staff meetings.

Internship Structure:
-9 month minimum commitment. Unpaid. Currently full-time but could be made part-time with organisation (20 hours/week).
-Internship start date is flexible. Interns seeking to commit for longer than 9 months are strongly encouraged to apply.
How to apply
Please email a CV and covering letter outlining your interest in working in the field of forced migration in Israel to Subject should be Volunteer Coordinator.

Reference Code: RW_8DMRTJ-99

Bron: reliefweb

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